"Girl, show them your claws.
Show them your wings.
Show them your army of injuries
who have come to fight.
Show them the others like you.
Take over the city. Own the mountains.
Bite the hand and the one
behind their back with all the good stuff.
Girl, show your teeth.
Never forget what you can do with them.” Caitlyn Siehl


Karl Persson

"My intellect doesn’t come into play when I am channeling something subconsciously. There is plenty of time for interpretation after a painting is finished. Whenever I look at my finished paintings it is like analyzing a dream – deciphering my personal symbolic language."

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I’m very attracted to things that I can’t define


Happy death day to German astronomer Johann Gottlieb Friedrich von Bohnenberger (June 5, 1765-April 19, 1831). Bohnenberger is best known as a pioneer in the development of the gyroscope. Around 1817, he invented a forerunner of the gyroscope that he called “The Machine”, or “Bohnerberger’s Apparatus”. The object was described by Benjamin Pike, Jr. in 1856: “This apparatus consists of three movable rings, …, mounted on a stout base. The two inner rings are mounted on pivots; those on the smallest ring at right angles to the middle one; in the smallest ring is supported a metal ball, having a roller on one of its pivots; around the roller a string may be wound, and when pulled off a rapid rotary motion may be given to the ball. This motion may be given with the axis in any position required, and when communicated, the ring supporting the ball will resist considerable effort to alter its position, and whatever way the instrument may be turned, its axis will continue to maintain the position it had when set in motion, illustrating the inertia, or that property of matter which resists any change of state, whether of rest or motion.”  

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Ph: Steven Klein

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